How to act in a theatre


Theatre may look like a cinema, but in fact, it is a lot different. You can’t act there as you would in a cinema, or in a child’s play. You have to take in a set of rules that say that you are a person of culture and a person that know how to behave. So, for all of the people out there that wish to go to a theatre, but do not know how to behave there, we give you a set of tips on how to act in a theatre.

The most important thing is to show up on time. No one likes a person that is late. Also, if you are late, everyone has already been seated, which means that you will have to ask the people to get up in order for you to pass, and that will make a lot of people miss out on what is happening on the stage. So, just be there on time, and everything should be great.

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electrode-clipart-taber_No_Cell_Phones_Allowed_Vector_ClipartSecondly, no cell phones! They are a nuisance, and especially if you pick up – than you’re the nuisance. Turn the phone off before you go into the theatre, and no one will be annoyed. By carrying the turned on cell with you, you risk deconcentrating the actors on the stage and the audience as well, because no one likes being interrupted.

Thirdly, you should only applaud when it is appropriate. There are people out there that just love applauding, but other people don’t like them. So, only at the end of an act, or when you see other people preparing to applaud, should you applaud.

junk-food-NOThe fourth tip is – no snacks! You won’t die if you don’t eat for an hour or two. That means that there is not one reason for you to take some snacks with you to a theatre hall. If you do this, you’ll not only be rude, but you’ll deconcentrate the audience and the actors on stage, and some people will be straight out annoyed.

The fifth tip tells us that talking is not allowed. Like with most of the other tips, you can deconcentrate the people in the theatre hall, and some people around you might not even get to hear what’s happening on the stage because of you. So, be quiet, and if you really have to say something to the person beside you, wait until the intermission.

If you’re bringing your children with you, talk to them about the behavior that is appropriate for a theatre hall; that is the sixth tip. Even though people tell you that your children are cute, the truth is that no one really likes screaming kids. So, talk to them, and tell them how they ought to behave.

Tip number seven tells us that walking out of a play is not appropriate, just like coming late to it was not either. It is rude, and unless you’re having a real emergency, sit through the entire thing, or leave during the intermission.

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And finally, the last tip tells us that we should dress appropriately. That means a suit and a tie, or a nice dress for the women. This tells that you’re a person that respects the theatre, and is willing to look the best he can for a play that he came to see.


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